Monday, 31 January 2011

Cascadian Pale Ale

1 Gallon Batch

Grain Bill
  • 2.0 lb 2 Row
  • 0.3 lb Crystal 60L
  • 6 g Cascade (60)
  • 6 g Cascade (10)
  • 13 g Cascade (0)
  • Nottingham Dry Yeast
  • Brew In A Bag Mash
  • 60 minute Boil

BCS Janet's Brown Ale

1 Gallon Batch of Janet's Brown. All went well, I gotta track down my recipe so I can add this to the blog. However this was one of my best brews and hoppiest brews ever!

Amazing recipe, currently in a top spot to become a 5 gallon batch in the future.

I got 4 22oz bottles out of this batch. I'm gonna use smaller bottles next time so I can share more...