Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Raspberry Wheat (Brewed with Hillcrest Brewing)

Another batch of this amazing Raspberry Wheat!  This time I went to a local u-brew with my recipe to get a scaled up batch brewed so that I could have the finished beer canned for easy transport and sharing.

It took some negotiating but the owner finally agreed to let me fine tune the recipe.  It was my first time brewing this recipe with extract instead of all grain and after researching I found a 50/50 2 row and wheat mix could be subbed with wheat extract (the owner wanted to use 50% light LME and 50% wheat LME).

~10 Gallon Batch

Grain Bill:

  • Unknown amount of Wheat LME (enough to hit 5% ABV)
  • 1 lb - Crystal 15L (steeped)

  • 2 oz Willamette (60)

  • 8oz Rasberry Extract (2 bottles, Added at Kegging)

  • Unknown Dry Ale Yeast

  • Full Boil (brought back the propane burner)
  • 60 Minute Boil
  • Fermented at 65 F for 2 Weeks
  • Kegged at u-brew and then canned after carbonated.